How to Get More MIPS Out of Your z13

While there is no single magic solution to give you more MIPS on your z13, there are certainly tuning actions that can be done to improve the effective MIPS rate for your workload. This paper shows how IntelliMagic Vision helps identify areas for improvement and measures the results, using the SMF 113 processor records.

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If you want to get more out of your z13, there is a variety of tuning actions that you can do that will improve the effective MIPS rate for your workload. This paper showed how IntelliMagic Vision uses the SMF 113 processor records to identify areas for improvement. This way you can run more work for the MIPS that you purchased.

We have shown that a higher cache hit ratio and hence a higher MIPS rate is possible by running more vertical high processors and by avoiding long processor queues. We also showed that the size of the LPAR is an important metric: as LPARs get larger their use of cache becomes less efficient.

IntelliMagic Vision shows you where to start with processor tuning, and after each step it measures and shows exactly how beneficial your tuning actions were.