Mainframe RMF & SMF Assessment:
How could you have avoided your last service disruption?

Mainframe outages average a loss of over $670,000 per hour, as well as lost production availability and confidence of users. IntelliMagic is offering a no-cost RMF & SMF assessment based on historical data from your systems, to identify the early indicators of your last issue well before the disruption.

  • During the RMF & SMF Assessment we will:
  • Check mark 1Identify opportunities to visualize key performance indicators at risk in your environment
  • Check mark 2Show you new metrics about your workloads and infrastructure
  • Check mark 3Provide interactive access to results; easy and quick via SaaS
  • Check mark 4During assessment, we will also identify additional opportunities to reduce MLC



Webinar Recording:

How to get More MIPS Out of Your z13

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