Thank you for responding to Watson & Walker’s recommendation to consider a no-cost assessment from IntelliMagic to identify IBM MLC reduction opportunities for your z/OS mainframe.

IntelliMagic specializes in modernizing the processing and interpretation of the RMF and SMF data with the most advanced analytics available. This results in multiple benefits and the identification of inefficiencies driving up MLC software costs is one of them.

There is no cost for this assessment which will provide you with unique views into your z/OS system and a detailed analysis of five specific physical and logical configuration areas that commonly drive up MLC unnecessarily. The analysis goes far beyond capping opportunities and includes difficult to see areas such as processor cache efficiency.

The data collection process requires about half a day from one person. IntelliMagic will then perform the analysis and present the results to your performance and capacity team in a two-hour presentation. Significant opportunities have been identified at nearly all sites so far.

For more information, please complete the form on this page. Additional z/OS systems related content is available in the video below, as well as on the page displayed after completing the form.

7-Minute Demo - Watch How IntelliMagic Vision Can Reduce MLC Costs




This video demonstrates the visibility IntelliMagic Vision provides into key processor metrics
that facilitate MLC analysis, including RNI tuning and workloads driving the peak 4 Hour Rolling Average.