Session Descriptions

Below you will find the descriptions for each of the sessions above.


Lunch & Learn: What's New in Artificial Intelligence for SMF and RMF/CMF Analysis
Join us for a hot lunch as we discuss how smart algorithms can augment human analysts to overcome today’s challenges to efficiently deliver on Application SLA’s from the z/OS infrastructure.

CICS & Db2 Performance Analytics Based on SMF Data
Discover the benefits of modernizing how you understand and leverage your SMF data for CICS and Db2 performance analysis.

zHyperlink: The Holy Grail of Mainframe I/O
Gain better understanding of the potential benefits and implications of this revolutionary change to mainframe I/O.

More Performance and Capacity Predictability Out of RMF and SMF
Explore new approaches to analyzing the operational data, the benefits of statistical analysis, and how predictability can dramatically be affected with an additional type of AI automatically applied to the data.

Performance and Capacity Insights for your Outsourced z/OS Mainframe
Explore common application infrastructure performance, capacity, and cost-efficiency issues and the value of automated application infrastructure performance analysis services.

Optimizing Processor Cache on z13 & z14 Processors
This session covers how to interpret the SMF 113 metrics to optimize your environment and reduce the CPU consumption expense.

DevOps Agile z/OS Application Infrastructure Performance Testing
Examine the historical reasons why the performance and financial cost impact on the z/OS infrastructure has been difficult to test in DevOps organizations.